Wednesday, 16 April 2014

ECG To Introduce Automated Meter Reading Technology

ECG To Introduce Automated Meter Reading Technology

• The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is to introduce a new metering system called Automated Meter Reading (ARM), which will allow ECG to communicate with the meter from their offices without having to visit where they are stationed.

• The new meters, also called the Smart Meters, will allow the ECG to engage disconnections and get notifications when the meter is tampered with.

• Ing. Mrs. Sariel A. Etwire, section manager of metering services of ECG, announced this in Accra at a meeting with editors organized by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC).

• The smart metering would also phase out the variety of meters already in existence.

• The move is to monitor the meter 24 hours in their office without necessarily going to the customer’s house.

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Minor exposes father as murderer

The gossip of a five-year-old boy about hiding to watch his father, allegedly murdering an eight year-old Evans Adjei and finally burying the dismembered body parts, is resting in the bosom of the law.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Katey Otumi, Hohoe Divisional Crime Officer, briefing the Ghana News Agency said, the boy hid in a nearby bush and witnessed his father, Kwadjo Osei, a 25-year-old nephew of a Kadjebi-Asato based herbalist, commit the dastard act, when returning from school.

He narrated that Mr Yaw Boateng, a technical officer of the Forestry Commission, and father of the deceased, offered him to Killian, a herbalist, for some traditional medication as he suffered regular relapses.
ASP Otumi said Killian allegedly went to the farm with the deceased on March 27, but returned without him, concluding that he was missing.

He said Killian’s nephew, Kwadjo Osei, accosted the boy, murdered him in cold blood, took some vital organs, dismembered the remaining body, and subsequently buried the pieces in a nearby bush, close to the suspect’s cottage.

The Crime Officer said unfortunately for the suspect, his son, who was returning from school saw his father commit the act.

ASP Otumi said the suspect’s son narrated the bizarre incident to his mates at school who subsequently told their parents, leading to the arrest of the suspect who, earlier on, had gone into hiding.
Kwadjo has been commuted to prison remand, and assisting the Police in their investigations.

Source: GNA

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Mercy Agyeman Prempeh arrested by NACOB officials for possession of heroin at KIA.

Mercy Agyeman Prempeh, a 36-year old Ghanaian business woman has been arrested at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) for possessing a substance suspected to be heroin. The suspect was arrested on her arrival from Tanzania.

The brownish substance which weighs about 10 kilogrammes has a street value of $650,000. The drug was wrapped in black plastic bags and concealed in a secret compartment of a travelling bag.

Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB, Nii Lantey Blankson told the Daily Graphic newspaper that a thorough check on the suspect’s bag, led to the discovery of the suspected substances.

According to Mercy, a Tanzanian friend had given her the drug to be given to an unknown person in Accra for a fee of $2,500.

The suspect told NACOB officials that the owner of the drug was supposed to meet her at the airport with the said amount but believed the person might have absconded following her arrest.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Labourer Gets 2 Months For Posting Noode Pictures

A 24-year-old labourer, David Dickson Donkoh, was yesterday sentenced to 2 months’ imprisonment with hard by an Accra Circuit Court for posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend.

By the act, he was said to have made the victim feel constantly unhappy, humiliated, depressed, and her integrity, dignity and privacy undermined.

Donkoh was also charged to have visited emotional, verbal or psychological abuse on the victim contrary to Sections 1B (IV) and 3 (2) of the Domestic Violence Act 732/07.

He however, pleaded guilty to the offence in the court presided over by Ms Sedinam Agbemava, and was accordingly convicted on his own plea.

Prosecuting, Inspector Kofi Atimbiri told the court that the complainant is a student while the accused is a labourer, both residing at Chorkor in Accra.

He said both Donkoh and the complainant were school mates who completed Senior High School in 2008 and that the complainant was a fiancĂ©e to the accused person for a year but about two months ago, the complainant terminated the relationship because Donkoh had sex with the complainant’s bosom friend.

Inspector Atimbiri said in January, 2014, Donkoh called the complainant and tried all he could for the relationship to continue but the complainant did not oblige.

He stated that the accused threatened her that if she did not change her decision, he (Donkoh) was going to post her nude picture on Facebook.

The prosecutor further averred that on January 22, this year, the complainant had a call from her friend asking her to go to Facebook and WhatsApp to see what was happening.

Inspector Atimbiri stated that upon going onto the aforementioned social media flat forms, the ex-girlfriend saw her nude pictures there and called Donkoh and asked him why he had done that.

According to the prosecutor, the accused replied that he wanted to expose her so that no man would marry her in future.  Inspector Atimbiri said that the complainant reported the case to the police and the accused was arrested.

In his caution statement, Inspector Atimbiri disclosed that the accused admitted having uploaded the naked pictures of the complainant only for a few minutes and deleted them, but the complainant’s friends who were online at that time, saw the pictures and informed her about what was happening.

He said Donkoh further stated that he loved the complainant so much that he did not know what to do after she had refused to comply with his decision.

Sentencing, the trial judge said that the act was a gross violation of the victim’s right to privacy and undermined her dignity.

She said the pictures, as uploaded by the accused person, could also be further broadcast by others, noting that “this trend of revenge is unfortunate.”

By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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The Euro Hits GH¢4 On The Exchange Market

Despite moves by the Bank of Ghana to save the cedi from further fall, it appears the local currency is still struggling to keep its head above water.

The Euro yesterday morning hit GH¢4 after rallying between GH¢3.80 and GH¢3.90 for some weeks now.

Last week, it started the week at GH¢3.88, hitting GH¢3.89 mid week and GH¢3.92 by close of the week.

The Euro is not the only major foreign currency that the cedi is struggling to keep up with.

Forex analysts fear the dollar and Pound Sterling may also hit GH¢3 and GH¢5 respectively soon, if the current trends continue.

The dollar is now at about GH¢2.88 while the British Pound is at GH¢4.83 at local forex bureaus in the country.

Last week the dollar closed at GH¢2.84 while the British Pound sterling closed at GH¢4.74.

This year alone the cedi has depreciated by 18 percent against the dollar, according to figures released by the Bank of Ghana at its last Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting.

In February this year, the Bank of Ghana introduced new and revised rules to save the cedi from further fall.

According to the bank, it will review the rules next month.

Source: Citifmonline

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Chop Bars Keep Springing Up On The Kumasi-Tamale Highway

Food joints, particularly those that sell ‘Fufu,’ are rapidly springing up along the main Kumasi-Tamale Highway, BUSINESS GUIDE has gathered.

The ‘Fufu’ joints could be seen in virtually all the towns along the busy highway which connects Kumasi to the Northern regional capital.

Checks conducted by the paper last Friday showed that ‘Fufu’ was rapidly becoming the favourite food of many people in the country, notably the travelers.

Until recently, ‘Fufu’ was considered to be the favourite food of people living in the Ashanti region and other Akan-dominated areas.

But the paper observed that people in the northern parts of the country had accepted ‘Fufu’ with soup.

Almost all the ‘Fufu’ joints were filled with people that had formed long queues to buy the food.

Akwasi Kwarteng, who was travelling from Kumasi to Tamale, told BUISNESS GUIDE that “I always enjoy my trips on the highway because of the numerous ‘Fufu’ joints. I always find it easy to get delicious ‘Fufu’ with soup to eat whenever I travel to Tamale.

According to Kwarteng, some few years ago, chop bars were hard to come by along the Kumasi-Tamale Highway.

Kwarteng expressed happiness about the establishment of many ‘Fufu’ joints along the Kumasi-Tamale Highway.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Tamale

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2013 Miss Universe winner takes organisers to court

Miss Universe Ghana, 19-year-old Hanniel Jamin, has sued Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC), organisers of the pageant in Ghana, for breach of contract.

Hanniel, after winning the pageant in May 2013, was to receive GH¢5,000 worth of wardrobe, a New York Film Academy scholarship, a management and public relations deal, and a year's gym membership, monthly fees and a trip to the world event in addition to other attractive packages.

However, she says she has not received her full prize package. She also alleged that when she was processing her documents to travel to Russia to represent Ghana at the Miss Universe World event, the organizers made her sign a document which suggested she had received her prizes.

Hanniel was in May 2013 crowned winner of the 2013 edition of the Miss Universe Ghana pageant at a ceremony held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

Judges for the event were Leila Lopez, 2011 Miss Universe winner; popular actress Yvonne Nelson; presenter Benny Blanco; Brian D. Hogan, founder of investment firm Paradigm Capital Group; and model Veronica Varekova.

Sources revealed that organizers were served with the writ sometime last week. This is the second time a queen had taken organizers of the Miss Universe Ghana to court over the prize package.

The first was Miss Gifty Ofori, Miss Universe Ghana 2012, who took the organizers to court last year after she came out to complain that she did not receive her full prize package.

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New banana disease in Africa threatens livelihoods of farmers

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is warning countries to step up monitoring, reporting and prevention of one of the world's most destructive banana diseases, Fusarium wilt, which recently spread from Asia to Africa and the Middle East, and which has the potential to affect countries in Latin America. 

The TR4 race of the disease, which is also known as Panama disease, is posing a serious threat to production and export of the popular fruit, with serious repercussions for the banana value chain and livelihoods, FAO said in an information brief. 

Banana is the eighth most important food crop in the world and the fourth most important food crop among the world's least-developed countries, according to FAOSTAT, the UN agency's data-gathering and analysis service. 

“Any disease or constraint that affects bananas is striking at an important source of food, livelihoods, employment and government revenues in many tropical countries,” said Gianluca Gondolini, Secretary of the World Banana Forum. The Forum, whose Secretariat is based at FAO headquarters, promotes sustainable banana production and trade. 

“The spread of Fusarium wilt banana disease could have a significant impact on growers, traders and families who depend on the banana industry,” Fazil Dusunceli, a plant pathologist at FAO, said. “Countries need to act now if we are to avoid the worst-case scenario, which is massive destruction of much of the world's banana crop,” said Dusunceli. 

Recommended action 
At the country level, FAO specifically advises: 
Awareness raising at all levels and adoption of appropriate risk assessment, surveillance and early warning systems;

Implementation of phytosanitary measures to prevent the spread of the disease through agricultural practices, irrigation and drainage systems, transportation, vehicles, containers, tools or visitors;

Preventive measures, including quarantines, the use of disease-free planting materials, prevention of movement of infected soil and planting materials into and out of farms, and disinfection of vehicles;

Capacity building in National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPO) in planning, extension and research, including the use of rapid and accurate diagnostic tools;

Training of technical officers, producers and farm workers in disease identification, prevention and management under field conditions, and appropriate instructions to visitors.

While other races of the disease have existed for many years, TR4 has caused significant losses in banana plantations in Southeast Asia over the last two decades, and has recently been reported in Mozambique and Jordan. 

TR4 infects the Cavendish banana varieties, which dominate global trade, as well as other susceptible varieties used for local consumption and markets. Despite damage to the banana plant and to production, the fruit itself remains edible. 

Soil-borne disease
Fusarium wilt is caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Foc). The disease is soil-borne and the fungus can remain viable for decades.  Once the disease is present in a field, it cannot be fully controlled by currently available practices and fungicides. The best way to fight the disease is to prevent its spread, which includes avoiding movement of diseased plant materials and infected soil particles. 

“We need to raise awareness of this threat, coordinate efforts among countries and institutions for effective implementation of appropriate quarantine measures, and also work with banana producers, traders, plantation employees and smallholder farmers to help to minimize the spread of the disease,” Dusunceli said. He also highlighted the importance of research in better understanding the disease and developing alternative varieties that are disease resistant. 

FAO's information note stresses the importance of using disease-free seedlings and avoiding movement of infected soil and planting materials into, and out of, farms, through transportation, visitors or other means. 

“A concerted effort is required from stakeholders including the industry, research institutions, governments and international organizations to prevent spread of the disease,” the note reads. 

Raising awareness 
FAO and its partners, including the World Banana Forum (WBF), the scientific community and the banana industry are among those making efforts to increase awareness of the inherent threat of TR4. 

The issue will be on the agenda of a series of upcoming meetings in Kenya, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago, with the aim of addressing a range of issues related to TR4, including developing action plans for its prevention, monitoring and containment. 

The banana crop is vulnerable to a number of diseases in various parts of the world, including the Black Sigatoka disease, Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW), Bunchy Top Disease (BBTD) and Fusarium Wilt, but Fusarium's soil-borne nature makes it especially challenging.

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